The Reconstructionist Journal

Volumes 59 - 72 / 1996 - 2007

2007 Spring   [Volume 71, Number 2]
Fall  [Volume 72, Number 1]
Judaism and Islam: Dialogues & Trends
2006 Spring   [Volume 70, Number 2]
Pairs of Perspectives
Fall  [Volume 71, Number 1]
2005 Spring   [Volume 69, Number 2]
Jewish Ethics: Theory & Practice
Fall  [Volume 70, Number 1]
The Reconstructionist at Seventy
2004 Spring   [Volume 68, Number 2]
Challenges and Responses
Fall  [Volume 69, Number 1]
Sacred Space
2003 Spring   [Volume 67, Number 2]
Reconstructing the Jewish Community

Fall   [Volume 68, Number 1]
Tikkun Olam: Theory and Practice

2002 Spring   [Volume 66, Number 2]
Texts & Contexts
Fall   [Volume 67, Number 1]
In Dialogue with World Religions
2001 Spring   [Volume 65, Number 2]
Decision Making
Fall   [Volume 66, Number 1]
Jewish Identity
2000 Spring   [Volume 64, Number 2]
Parenting and Partnering
Fall   [Volume 65, Number 1]
Jews and Judaism in the Public Square
1999 Spring   [Volume 63, Number 2]
Caring and Healing
Fall   [Volume 64, Number 1]
The Role of the Rabbi
1998 Spring   [Volume 62, Number 2]
Israel at 50
Fall   [Volume 63, Number 1]
New Midrash and New Ritual
1997 Spring - Fall   [Volume 62, Number 1]   The Arts in Jewish Life
1996 Spring   [Volume 61, Number 1]
Toward Healing and Justice
Fall   [Volume 61, Number 2]
New Intellectual Currents
1995 Spring   [Volume 60, Number 1]
Building Community
Fall   [Volume 60, Number 2]
Kaplan and Us
1994 Spring  [Volume 59, Number 1]
A Journal of Contemporary Jewish Thought & Practice
Fall   [Volume 59, Number 2]
Negotiating Boundaries

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Ackelsberg, Martha Money and Class: Dealing with Difference in Jewish Communities 60, 1, pg. 27/Spring 1995
Adler, Rachel "To Live Outside the Law You Must Be Honest" – Boundaries, Borderlands and the Ethics of Cultural Negotiation 68, 2, pg. 4/Spring 2004
Ager, Christina Every Day Ethics: God is in the Details 69, 2, pg. 35/Spring 2005
Alpert, Rebecca Exploring Judaism and Finding Reconstructionism 70, 1 pg. 15/Fall 2005
Alpert, Rebecca Kaplan's Challenge to Us; A Vision of Social Justice 60, 2 pg. 41/Fall 1995
Alpert, Rebecca On Being a Rabbi at the Margins 64, 1, pg. 54/Fall 1999
Alpert, Rebecca Religious Liberty, Same-Sex Marriage, and the Case of Reconstructionist Judaism 68, 1, pg. 33/Fall 2003
Alpert, Rebecca Teaching Judaism in Indonesia: Some Reflections 67, 1, pg. 4/Fall 2002
Alpert, Rebecca What Is a Jew? The Meaning of Genetic Disease for Jewish Identity 71, 2, pg. 69/Spring 2007
Arnow, David Reappraising the Haggadah's Vision of Redemption 68, 1, pg. 72/Fall 2003
Aronson, Daniel To Serve or Not to Serve: Creating an Alcohol Policy for Jewish Communities on Campus 65, 2, pg. 4/Spring 2001
Artson, Bradley Shavit My Special Daughter (and Her Special Brother) 64, 2, pg. 29/Spring 2000
Baker, Paula Eisenstein Judith Kaplan Eisenstein: An Appreciation 62, 1, pg. 5/Spring-Fall 1997
Bauer, David Dunn In at the Deep End: Immersion and Affirmation of Jewish Identity-a Personal Account 63, 1, pg. 73/Fall 1998
Bauer, Renée "Patrilineal Descent" and Same-Sex Parents: New Definitions of Identity 70, 2, pg. 26/Spring 2006
Berger, Mark S. Perspective on Praying for Healing 66, 2, pg. 79/Spring 2002
Berner, Leila Gal Charting the New Maps: Reflections on Jewish Lesbian and Gay Life Cycle Celebration 64, 2, pg. 23/Spring 2000
Bernstein, Ellen Rediscovering Israel 68, 2, pg. 61/Spring 2004
Bolton, Elizabeth Religious Creativity and Jewish Renewal 62, 1, pg. 16/Spring-Fall 1997
Breitman, Barbara Eve Birth, Death and Rebirth: Cycles of Sacred Transformation 64, 2, pg. 32/Spring 2000
Breitman, Barbara Eve "Tehom El Tehom Koreh/Deep Calls to Deep" – Contemplative Christianity and the Emerging Practice of Jewish Spiritual Direction 67, 1, pg. 17/Fall 2002
Breitman, Barbara Eve Two Models of Self and Other: Tzedakah and Gemilut Hasadim 61, 1, pg. 18/Spring 1996
Breslauer, Daniel Being Ethical in a Postmodern Age: Toward a Jewish (M)Orality 61, 2, pg. 82/Fall 1996
Broitman, Caryn Deconstruction and the Bible 61, 2, pg. 14/Fall 1996
Broitman, Caryn Beth Hermeneutics and Jewish Education 66, 2, pg. 7/Spring 2002
Bronstein, Lester Knowing Our Place 69, 1, pg. 4/Fall 2004
Brown, Michael Jacoby The Jewish Organizing Initiative: How One Small Group of People Is Making a Difference in One Big City 68, 1, pg. 57/Fall 2003
Brown, Steven M. Some Dissonance on the Day School Bandwagon 65, 1, pg. 31/Fall 2000
Brumberg-Kraus, Jonathan Contemporary Jewish Theologies 59, 1, pg. 86/ Spring 1994
Brumberg-Kraus, Jonathan What Is Religious about Ethics? 69, 2, pg. 49/Spring 2005
Bush, Lawrence Babel and Political Sectarianism 61, 1, pg. 81/Spring 1996
Bush, Lawrence Mystical Union and Social Change: A Skeptic Reconsiders 68, 1, pg. 47/Fall 2003
Caplan, Eric On Reinventing the Wheel: Fashioning a Liturgy We Can Pray with Integrity 71, 1, pg. 17/Fall 2006
Cardin, Nina Beth From "Journey" to "Home" 69, 1, pg. 29/Fall 2004
Cartun, Ari Mark Reconstructing Sarah's Circumcision: A Midrash on the Origin of the Brit Sarah 63, 1, pg. 54/Fall 1998
Cedarbaum, Daniel Goldman The Rabbi As Master 64, 1, pg. 39/Fall 1999
Cedarbaum, Daniel Goldman The Role of Halakha in Reconstructionist Decision Making 65, 2, pg. 29/Spring 2001
Cedarbaum, Daniel Goldman Toward a Redefinition of Reconstructionism 70, 1, pg. 69/Fall 2005
Chanes, Jerome Public Policy and Tikkun Olam 61, 1, pg. 58/Spring 1996
Clark, Michele Speak of It: Jewish Activism and Jewish Identity 61, 1, pg. 74/Spring 1996
Cohen, Aryeh Reading, Exile, and Redemption: A Meditation on the Talmudic Project 61, 2, pg. 32/Fall 1996
Cohen, Jack Religion and Democracy in Israel 62, 2, pg. 12/Spring 1998
Cohen, Jonathan Judaism without Ordinary Law: Toward a Broader View of Sanctification 71, 1, pg. 50/Fall 2006
Cohen, Michael M. On Being Commanded 60, 1, pg. 35/Spring 1995
Cohen, Michael M. Zionism Today: A Reconstructionist Reflection 70, 1, pg. 31/Fall 2005
Diamond, Eliezer Image and Imagination: The Revealed and Hidden Faces of God in Jewish Liturgy 59, 1, pg.56/ Spring 1994
Diamond, Gail One Woman's Journey: Halakhah and Healing 61, 1, pg. 44/Spring 1996
Dickerman, Michael The Israeli Constitutional Decision of 1950: Real-time Reconstructionist Reactions 71, 2, pg. 85/Spring 2007
Dobb, Fred Scherlinder The World as Sacred Space 69, 1, pg. 34/Fall 2004
Dow, Leon Wiener Circumcising Yourself: Reflections on the Challenges of Jewish Continuity and Authenticity 72, 1, pg. 42/Fall 2007
Driesen, George B. Embracing Science: A Reconstructionist Vision for the Twenty-First Century 64, 2, pg. 67/Spring 2000
Driesen, George Revisiting the Chosen People 60, 2, pg. 78/Fall 1995
Ebenbach, David Harris Elijah Knocking: Opening Doors in the Creative Process 70, 2, pg. 62/Spring 2006
Ehrenkrantz, Dan A Response to Trans/Post/Non- Denominational Critiques 71, 2, pg. 16/Spring 2007
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Eisen, Arnold Torah, Scholarship and the Mission of The Jewish Theological Seminary 71, 2, pg. 34/Spring 2007
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Eisner, Jane Striking a Balance at Home and Work 64, 2, pg. 12/Spring 2000
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Flam, Nancy; Eilberg, Amy; and Weintraub, Simkha Sustain Us to Reach This Season: The Jewish Holidays and Healing 63, 2, pg. 63/Spring 1999
Firestone, Reuven Why Do Jews Need to Learn About Islam? 72, 1, pg. 5/Fall 2007
Friedman, Dayle A. Everything I Need to Know I learned in the Nursing Home – Torah for Confronting Fragility and Mortality 68, 2, pg. 70/Spring 2004
Friedman, Dayle A. Seeking the Tzelem: Making Sense of Dementia 70, 2, pg. 43/Spring 2006
Friedman, Reena Sigman Ilu Finu Maley Shirah: Were Our Mouths Filled With Song: An Interview With Judith Kaplan Eisenstein 62, 1, pg. 9/Spring-Fall 1997
Friedman, Susan In the Hands of Our Children: Collaborative Social Services for Jewish and Muslim Teens 72, 1, pg. 35/Fall 2007
Frymer-Kensky, Tikva On Feminine God-talk 59, 1, pg.48/Spring 1994
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Fuchs-Kreimer, Nancy Science and Spirit: Reconstructionist Theology for the 21st Century 70, 1, pg. 46/Fall 2005
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Fuchs-Kreimer, Nancy Teaching Islam to Rabbinical Students 72, 1, pg. 12/Fall 2007
Gevirtz, Gila The Well of Living Waters 63, 1, pg. 49/Fall 1998
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Gevirtz, Gila Visual Midrash on Genesis 24:16 63, 1, pg. 4/Fall 1998
Gevirtz, Gila Visual Midrash on Isaiah 2:4 63, 1, pg. 53/Fall 1998
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Gross-Schaeffer, Arthur and Dixon, Robert What Rabbis Can Do to Help Protect Legal Rights in Same-Sex Relationships 69, 1, pg. 43/Fall 2004
Gutow, Steve Tikkun Olam: A Public Policy Focus 65, 1, pg. 46/Fall 2000
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Hirsh, Richard From the Editor (Caring and Healing) 63, 2, pg. 2/Spring 1999
Hirsh, Richard From the Editor (Challenges and Responses) 68, 2, pg. 2/Spring 2004
Hirsh, Richard From the Editor (In Dialogue with World Religions) 67, 1, pg. 2/Fall 2002
Hirsh, Richard From the Editor (Israel at 50) 62, 2, pg. 3/Spring 1998
Hirsh, Richard From the Editor (Jewish Ethics: Theory and Practice) 69, 2, pg. 2/Spring 2005
Hirsh, Richard From the Editor (Jewish Identity) 66, 1, pg. 3/Fall 2001
Hirsh, Richard From the Editor (Jews and Judaism in the Public Square) 65, 1, pg. 3/Fall 2000
Hirsh, Richard From the Editor (New Intellectual Currents) 61, 2, pg. 2/Fall 1996
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Knobel, Peter Of the Writing of Prayerbooks, There Is No End 71, 1, pg. 10/Fall 2006
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Liebling, Mordechai Making Our Synagogues Vessels of Tikkun Olam 68, 1, pg. 5/Fall 2003
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