RRA Ethics Code and Procedures

"The vocation of the rabbinate requires engagement with Jewish tradition, with the contemporary context, and with professional standards of behavior. The members of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association affirm our commitment to act in an ethical manner consistent with the highest principles of Judaism, particularly in relationships with our congregations, congregants, and colleagues."
- From the Preamble to the RRA Code of Ethics

As a voluntary membership organization, the members of the RRA have taken upon themselves the obligation to hold themselves and each other accountable to the highest standards of ethical and moral behavior. The code and procedures have been developed with the utmost concern for the well-being of the people we serve and each other.

Trust plays an important role in the rabbinic endeavor to serve the Jewish people. As such, we believe that appropriate transparency and openness are a crucial element in our ethics standards. We make these documents and decisions available for the public to further that effort.

Please note that the code and procedures available here are incumbent and binding upon full members of the RRA. Rabbis who are affiliates of the RRA, serve Reconstructionist Congregations, or otherwise represent themselves as Reconstructionist Rabbis, but are not members of the RRA may not be obligated to these documents. For questions about membership status or concerns about rabbis who are unaffiliated, please contact the office and we will direct you.

Please do not hesitate to contact the RRA office or the Ethics Committee with any concerns or questions. We can be reached at 215-576-5210 or at ethicscommittee@therra.org .

The RRA Ethics Committee

Current members (effective March, 2022):

Chair: Rabbi Ahuvah (Amy) Loewenthal (RRC '12)
Vice Chair: Rabbi Natan Fenner (RRC '97)
Rabbi Michelle Stern (RRC '11)
Rabbi Alex Weissman (RRC '17)
Rabbi Jon Cutler (RRC '87)
Rabbi Max Reynolds (RRC '19)