The RRA Office of Rabbinic Career Development

Professional Pathways & The RRA

Each of us brings a unique voice to the rabbinate and each of our professional paths is distinct. We work in schools, pulpits, colleges & universities, hospitals, political or service organizations and more. No matter how your own professional rabbinic path unfolds, the RRA is committed to actively supporting your journey. We also want to facilitate our members' ongoing exchange of employment opportunities, placement advice, and hard-earned career wisdom. Together, we have the opportunity to build an Office of Rabbinic Career Development through which we can support one another as our rabbinic careers continue to evolve.

Rabbi Joel Alpert continues to manage the Reconstructionist pulpit placement process. You can learn about pulpit placement by visiting the ReconPlacement website or by emailing Rabbi Alpert at

RRA members are invited to explore our growing rabbinic career resources at the member-only website.