Tzedakah Boxes

"Everybody Talks About Tzedakah.... Help Them Do Something About It!"

The RRA Ceramic Tzedakah Box is a perfect gift for Congregations and Havurot to present to:

RRA Ceramic Tzedakah Box
  • B'nai Mitzvah Students
  • New Members
  • Board Members and Committee Chairs in Appreciation
  • Synagogue School Teachers
  • Friends and Relatives

Designed by Irene Helitzer, this Tzedakah Box is an example of 'Hiddur Mitzvah," the enhancement of a Mitzvah through beautification.

Each Tzedakah Box comes with a booklet explaining some of the teachings and traditions regarding Tzedakah.

To order the RRA Tzedakah Box, please print the order form and return it to the RRA office with your check (payable to "RRA"). Cost: $36.00 for one or $33.00 for orders of 10 or more; shipping and handling is included.